Caring Concern for Mentally ill individuals

25 Oct

As we approach the end of Mental Health Week we at WAYSIDE  has been sharing some reflection on our work in this field during the early nineties and beyond.

As a small grass roots organisation we are proud of our achievements in standing for what we believed in even though this topic caused persecution and great pain at the time.

We believed God called us to care for people suffering the effects of mental illness. Through this intervention we saw the great suffering experienced by many who were abandoned not only by society but by some friends /relatives as well.

Mental ill health can happen to anyone and is no respecter of persons. Throughout the years we have ministered to professional sufferers as well as the ordinary individual and over a period of time we have seen the impact our love, affection, compassion, and care has made to each person.

Accepting people as they are helps to maintain their dignity,  self confidence, and self worth. It helps them to feel included instead of excluded from society Enabling many to become empowered enough to take hold of their lives again. Looking back at the many letters of thanks received we are grateful to God for what we have accumplished over the years.

Today it’s good to know that there are those churches who are now beginning to educate the wider community on mental health issues. Twenty six years ago when we began this subject was taboo. It was hard to access funding as a Christian organisation and we experienced great hardships.

My book “When God Intervenes” tells of the frustrations, and the hardships endured, and how among it all we persevered to maintain an open door where individuals could come and find friendships and mutual support.

Wayside also help improve the quality of life for older people many of whom have experienced some mental distress.  My passion for sufferers wellbeing remain strong and I thank God for the many conferences /workshops organised by churches that will bring about hope to other sufferers in the future.

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