The mystery at the bottom of my Garden

4 Mar


I see a great wonder as I look through my kitchen window. Resurrection glory stares me in the face. The stump of bare trees lying bare on the ground begins to bud and send out leaves. Flowers that died during the winter months seem to be awake from slumber. They burst through the soil taking on a new lease of life, sending out beautiful colours of foliage and flowers.

Above the rustling of the wind in the trees, I hear the singing of birds. On the ground below insects are stirring fully awake from their winter sleep. The garden seem to come alive from the dead as life abundant is seen everywhere.

This portrayal of newness of life reassures me that the same procedure I see in the garden applies not only to me but to all people throughout the world whether they believe or don’t believe in life after death.

Scripture teaches that death is not the end that there will be a resurrection of the dead, both of the just and unjust. (Acts 24:15).
As I ponder over the new life at the bottom of the garden, I know that the mystery of a new and glorious life will spring out of me after death. The thought of being reunited with loved ones in a new and glorious body brought a smile to my face as I proclaim “Death where is thy sting, grave where is thy victory!


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