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Hope to the hopeless

12 May



As we approach the end of #MentalHealthWeek we at #WAYSIDE have been sharing some reflection on our work in this field during the early nineties and beyond. As a small #grassrootsorganisation we are proud of our achievements in standing for what we believed in even though this topic caused persecution and great pain at the time. We believed #Godcalledus to care for people suffering the effects of #mentalillness. Through this #intervention we saw the great suffering experienced firsthand by many who were abandoned not only by society but by some friends /relatives as well.

Throughout the years we have #ministered to professional sufferers as well as the ordinary individual and over a period of time we have seen the #impactourlove,  #affection #compassion, and care has made to each person. Accepting people as they are helps to maintain their dignity, #selfconfidence, and #selfworth. It helps them to feel  #included instead of excluded from society enabling many to become #empowered enough to take hold of their lives again. Looking back at the many letters of thanks received we are grateful to God for what we have accomplished over the years.

Today it’s good to know that there are those churches that are now beginning to educate the wider community on #mentalhealthissues. Twenty six years ago when we began this subject was taboo. It was hard to access funding as a Christian organisation and we experienced great hardships.

Wayside has been working to prevent people from entering the mental hospital since 1990 through its caring programme of services to #enhance the quality of life for those suffering from depression and the elderly. Funding is hard to acquire and very time consuming. What can you do to help the situation that is again prevalent in society? #mentalillhealth could happen to anyone, but all do not need to be hospitalised, some only need to know where to turn in times of distress. We cannot perform the work alone, others must pay their part without our presence and other likeminded organisations the situation would become much worst.

We now need the support of the community to fight this illness that is destroying #young people. I challenge you today to #helppreservethiswork.

#Mentalillhealth can happen to anyone and is no respecter of persons, who knows you may need it in the future if not now. Help Wayside to care for those who have lost the strength to care for themselves. Read about the humble beginnings of the Wayside Community Centre Visit: