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31 Dec


It’s #NewYear’sEve and a few years ago I would be getting ready either to attend New Year’s Eve service at my church or to spend the time at one of my Son’s house. This year however I’m not able to leave the house due to a cold and I’m taking time to reflect on life.

Straight ahead of where I’m sitting hang photos of my parents in their forties. Nearby hangs another of me and my husband with our young family. Parents and my husband are no more. Children are all grown up with families of their own.

Sitting here I have so many #memories to reflect on just by looking at the pictures. This particular time of the year I’m taken to times when I looked forward to Mum’s special dish for the evening.  It’s as though I’m back through time enjoying the presence of my parents as they come to see the New Year in with us. What great times we had #reminiscing on time gone by back home. Eating and drinking I can still hear all their voices, children at play, the room filled with laughter and the sound of music, and goodies on the table.

How swiftly the years past taking along with it youth and changing them into adults, and the adults into old people who finally pass away leaving us only with #preciousmemories. The pictures remind me that life does not remain static but that we move along with time. This is clearly seen in the faces of each one of us as we journey through life. Thanking God for the memories!

Our day will come!

23 Dec


As another #Christmas holiday approaches my thoughts go back to several Christmas’ ago when our #organisation faced closure.

That particular Christmas the bills were piling up and finally letters from the Bailifs arrived with notice to quit within a certain period of time. We prayed, tried hard to obtain funding but all our efforts came to naught.

It seemed certain to be our last Christmas around and there weren’t enough of us left to organise a final #Carol by candlelight event. With the threat of #eviction high on the agenda we were all #brokenhearted. We #shamelessly aired our distress openly and the tears flowed as one of the members cried: “God this can’t be the end of Wayside.” To which I responded NO by God’s grace it’ s NOT the end.

Christmas is a time of hope. With the current world situation men, women and even young people seem to loose hope for their lives. When hope dies the individual dies also.

We certainly cannot go on without something to look forward towards in life. Could this lack of hope be the cause of the recent tragedies we hear about in families and young people? No one can deny that life could be hard to face at times. There are housing and financial problems, sicknesses, world disasters, and a host of other threatening situations faced. However life does not stand still forever. Situations change and people move on. The way has not been smooth  these last few years but we look beyond our own problems. We take into consideration the consequences others would face without our presence in the community. #Thoughtfulness for others seems key in the hope we have that come what may situations will change if only we look to the future trusting in God’s #providence.

Looking forward to better days to come has carried our organisation from strength to strength. Hope forbids us to succumb to circumstances. It equips us to face challenges head on to survive another day. The hope of Christmas is that God is with us. Yes he comes in the darkness of our world to  #illuminate our lives with the light of his love. He gives us #peace in times of #crisis and helps us cope in difficult situations. So here we are several years later. Still serving our community. Generously giving our time, skills, and other resources to help those in need. Our Christmas party proved to be a success with the guests who commented on the lavish meal and activities provided. Without hope in God to fulfill the desires of our hearts this year’s activities may not have been possible. Waiting could be long and tedious. In the bible we read of an old man called Simeon who was #promised by God that he would see the #Christ. He lived in the hope that he will not die before the #Messiah came. He kept vigil in the #Temple looking for the #Christchild. One day #Mary went to the Temple with the Child Jesus. When #Simeon saw him he #prayed now #Lord let thy servant depart in peace for mine eyes have seen thy #salvation. Simeon lived for that day and the day he hoped for came. Similarly todays’ people need to have something to look forward to, some achievement to be made, some promise given by God to be accomplished. That’s hope. My prayer is that we all hold on to H O P E for better years to come.