31 Dec


It’s #NewYear’sEve and a few years ago I would be getting ready either to attend New Year’s Eve service at my church or to spend the time at one of my Son’s house. This year however I’m not able to leave the house due to a cold and I’m taking time to reflect on life.

Straight ahead of where I’m sitting hang photos of my parents in their forties. Nearby hangs another of me and my husband with our young family. Parents and my husband are no more. Children are all grown up with families of their own.

Sitting here I have so many #memories to reflect on just by looking at the pictures. This particular time of the year I’m taken to times when I looked forward to Mum’s special dish for the evening.  It’s as though I’m back through time enjoying the presence of my parents as they come to see the New Year in with us. What great times we had #reminiscing on time gone by back home. Eating and drinking I can still hear all their voices, children at play, the room filled with laughter and the sound of music, and goodies on the table.

How swiftly the years past taking along with it youth and changing them into adults, and the adults into old people who finally pass away leaving us only with #preciousmemories. The pictures remind me that life does not remain static but that we move along with time. This is clearly seen in the faces of each one of us as we journey through life. Thanking God for the memories!

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