26 Jan


Before any individual can #succeed in life, he/she has to put up a fight to #overcome the daunting situations that present themselves in the person’s life. Having a #vision means encountering problems and discouragements galore. It can even cause family friction which will certainly lead to #isolation and #loneliness. Twenty-six years ago I found myself fighting a battle I never started. The moment I embarked on the #mission of caring for the welfare of others a #ragingstorm arose around me. I was accused of every immoral act and wickedness I never knew exist. The accusations were enough to deter me from going through with the work. The areas of the attack came from within a very loving circle, and relationships were broken beyond repair. But by the grace of #God and a #passion to bring about change in the lives of people the mission is still alive and active. Perhaps you have a vision and finding it a #challengingexperience and have even considered walking away from the task: before doing so read my book #WhenGodIntervenes. This #inspiringbook will give you #renewedstrength, determination and #confidence to #pursue the #vision. You will then find that behind every success there are several #obstacles to #overcome.

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