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The Meaning of Christmas

23 Dec

advent advent wreath burn burnt

Once more the festive season is upon us and it’s time to stop and reflect on the true meaning of #Christmas. It’s not about all the commercial adverts we watch on the television. It’s not about giving material gifts to friends, family and acquaintances. It’s not about all the glimmer, shows, and talk about looking out for your neighbour and the homeless.

Whilst these things like being generous, #compassionate, thoughtful, kind, has a part to play in society and is #biblical, these should not be demonstrated for a season only but for all times. Love is the key to Christmas. It’s all in celebration of God’s gift of love for the whole Human race, in sending His Son Jesus Christ to be the Saviour of the World. Those who dismiss the reason for Christmas should ask themselves what exactly are they celebrating. The song writer Isaac Watts says: Let those refuse to sing who never knew our God but servants of the heavenly King may speak their joys abroad. Sadly for many Christmas is just a time to be merry.

Christmas reminds me of the birth of Jesus Christ, how he came to die for the sins of the world, it reminds me that He is alive and pleads for me in glory. This same baby whose birth is celebrated at Christmas came to offer us hope of #eternallife. He gives peace to those who are troubled, rest to the weary, solace to the distressed and brokenhearted, comfort to those who mourn and healing to those who suffer pain. We do not need to look far to see the downhearted, they can be seen on the streets where we walk, in our homes through the news on the television and on the internet. Nations are fighting among themselves; hostility among the human race is growing; sending caravans of people seeking to find refuge and a safe place from warfare. Thousands of people risk their lives on small boats to escape to somewhere other than where they reside. Others are walking for thousands of miles seeking to find refuge and a safe place from warfare, and destruction. The hope of being able to find peace and security elsewhere is not always viable as most Countries are not willing to accept them and there are those who say no #peace could ever be found among men in this world.

The world in which we live, the nations in which we live is far from being peaceful. There is little peace in the lives of men, women and children everywhere. We hear the term rest in peace when someone dies, and it would seem that people’s perception of finding peace is through death alone. However peace is possible here and now. Scripture tells us turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it. (Psalm 34: 14) The fact is that Christ Jesus came into the world to offer us his peace as a gift from God, and this peace is freely available for those who will put their trust in him. This peace is not just an absence of strife it is being in harmony with God. We sing joy to the world the Lord has come: let earth receive her King, let every heart prepare Him room. It’s about being #reconciledwithGod so that we might find the very thing we all lack, which is #PEACE, and live the life that God wants us to live.

The prophet Isaiah tells of an age when men will live without fear of war, in fact he speaks of a time of peace and tranquillity when people and vicious animals will live in harmony. He refers to the time when Christ reign over the earth. Scripture say in that day the wolf and the lamb will lie down together, and the leopard and goats will be at peace. Calves and fat cattle will be safe among lions, and a little child shall lead them all. The cows will graze among bears, cubs and calves will lie down together, and lions will eat grass like the cows. Babies will crawl safely among poisonous snakes, and a little child who puts his hand in a nest of deadly adders will pull it out unharmed. Nothing will hurt or destroy in all my holy mountain. (Isaiah 11: 6-9a). What a time that would be when all proclaim Jesus Christ as LORD of ALL.

This Christmas I pray that the WORLD will experience this peace the Apostle Paul describes as ‘The peace that surpasses all understanding’, and celebrate the Christ that is taken out of Christmas.



The mystery at the bottom of my Garden

4 Mar


I see a great wonder as I look through my kitchen window. Resurrection glory stares me in the face. The stump of bare trees lying bare on the ground begins to bud and send out leaves. Flowers that died during the winter months seem to be awake from slumber. They burst through the soil taking on a new lease of life, sending out beautiful colours of foliage and flowers.

Above the rustling of the wind in the trees, I hear the singing of birds. On the ground below insects are stirring fully awake from their winter sleep. The garden seem to come alive from the dead as life abundant is seen everywhere.

This portrayal of newness of life reassures me that the same procedure I see in the garden applies not only to me but to all people throughout the world whether they believe or don’t believe in life after death.

Scripture teaches that death is not the end that there will be a resurrection of the dead, both of the just and unjust. (Acts 24:15).
As I ponder over the new life at the bottom of the garden, I know that the mystery of a new and glorious life will spring out of me after death. The thought of being reunited with loved ones in a new and glorious body brought a smile to my face as I proclaim “Death where is thy sting, grave where is thy victory!