Dreams Restored

Ever dream of becoming someone special? Been at a place where your dreams seem impossible? Well all is not lost, there’s still hope for you. God can change your situations in an instant and turn your dreams into reality. When God Intervenes tells the story of how God transformed my life from one of brokenness and lack of self-esteem and gave me the chance to fulfil my dreams of becoming the person He created me to be. God met me at a time of deep distress where life seemed pointless and the only option for me was to end it all. Putting my faith in God I was enabled to overcome my inhibitions and provide a service to help those suffering emotional despair such as mental stress, loneliness, isolation, and rejection, issues that previously affected me.

Read about my passion to bring about changes in the lives of destitute and broken individuals by welcoming them into my home and offering encouragement, comfort, acceptance, and prayer. How this simple act of caring developed into the organisation “Wayside Community Centre”,  providing a variety of recreational and leisurely activities to get members feeling active in a fun and social environment with the objective being to ameliorate the quality of lives in a healthy and positive way. Learn about  my trials, rejections, struggles, and determinations to bring about wholeness in body, mind and spirit to individuals not only in Hackney but Internationally, for the past twenty-six years and be inspired to take a step of faith in finding fulfilment for YOUR dreams. visit:www.jeanvjohn.com



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